Luxury comes from the hand of Persons, they are the engine of Dreams and so transform these into reality

” Sustainability and Environment “





The primary decision-making bodies of the CARRI GROUP CG are the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

” The heart ” 


The Executive Committee, composed of executive, operational and functional directors, defines strategic objectives on the basis of the orientations decided by the Board Directors of CARRI GROUP CGThose responsible for set Values for different brand companies, but leaving autonomy to creatives and craft-people. 

“Worldwide leading philosophy in luxury high quality products”



The Key priorities pursued by CARRI GROUP CG Board of Directors are enterprise value creation and the defense of the Company’s interests.

This will ensure and will ensure that the organization adapts to changes so fast in today’s society and business environment; oversees both the definition and fulfillment of responsibilities and the delegation of the Responsibilities and Delegations of authority of Executive Management.

Ensure that the Company’s interests and assets are protected;

Promote a policy of sustainable economic development compatible with social policy and citizenship based on concepts that include respect for human beings and the preservation of the environment in which it operates.

Define the broad strategic orientations of the Company and the GROUP and ensure that their implementation is monitored; The values are executed within the regulations of the Board Directors;

The members of the Board of Directors shall be required to respect the confidentiality of any information of which they may become aware in the course of their duties concerning the Company or the GROUP, in case until such information is made public by the Company;

Approve the Company’s annual financial statements;

Review the essential characteristics of the internal control and risk management systems adopted and implemented by the Company;

Ensure that major risks to which the Company is exposed are in keeping with its strategies and its objectives, and that they are taken into account in the management of the Company;

Being Innovative while respecting the legacy and heritage of our Houses that we represent; It is a challenge ” This commitment to Excellence will be to inspire innovation. “

Source of economic development, value added, employment and innovation; being present in the whole chain and part of the philosophy of the GROUP.

Disseminate the collective values that guide the Company and its employees and that govern relationships with consumers and with partners and suppliers of the Company and the GROUP;

Those responsible for the immediate future of the Organisation

Code of Conduct and Corporate Management EN 

 The  ” Builders of Dreams “


  CG CARRI GROUP ( Worldwide )